I would like to introduce you to SEIAISEIGUSHA, Y.K. We have been in business for more than 20 years in Japan. One of our specialties is moving furniture.
To give you a better idea of our moving service, I would like to provide some detailed work we have provided in the past for other moving jobs for the military.
We can remove, transport and drop off all furniture and appliances as need to from base to base. We can also remove any Freon in refrigerators or humidifiers prior to moving them.

We have access to many trucks and personnel’s; therefore we can move large and small quantity with ease and with speed. 1 day service for small moves is our specialty.
Let us help you move your next moving project.

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1. Address 1.住所
 1-30 Nazukacho, Nishi-Ku Nagoya Japan 4510081  〒451-0081 愛知県名古屋市西区名塚町1-30

2. Phone number (JAPAN)

 052-380-4453  052-380-4453
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 http://sajp.jp/moving/  http://sajp.jp/moving/
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 seiaijpn@yahoo.co.jp  seiaijpn@yahoo.co.jp
5. Manager 5.担当者
 James Shim  沈俊輔